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59,99 incl. tax

Ultimate Preset Pack Bundle (includes Pack V1 & V2)

  • 50x  Desktop Presets/Filters for Adobe Lightroom CC
  • 50x Mobile Presets/Filters for your FREE MOBILE Adobe Lightroom CC app
  • Compatible with Lightroom 4-6 / Lightroom CC / Lightroom Classic and Lightroom Mobile


Special designed for TRAVEL / NATURE / LIFESTYLE & LANDSCAPE Photography.

I created this filter packs whilst editing thousands of pictures from around the world. This collection includes 30 amazing Lightroom presets of my V2 Pack and also the 20 stunning filters of my V1 Pack. Start your photo editing from another level, create a constant look and save the time you were struggling to find the perfect settings.

You are getting my biggest range of presets with clear, colorful and vibrant tones  that will pop your eyes. Apply the presets, adjust just the white balance, exposure and this presets will transform your normal picture in outstanding art! I recommend my presets to beginners as well :-). If you need any help, message me @giuliogroebertpresets!

Check more of my recent work @giuliogroebert



50 Presets - PHOTO FILTERS

  • 50x  Desktop Presets for Adobe Lightroom CC
  • 50x Mobile Presets for your FREE MOBILE Adobe Lightroom CC app


  • all photos and cameras are different, these presets will give you a great base to start from which you can make a few adjustments to really nail those travel pics down.
  • You only have to adjust the Exposure and the White Balance, everything else is configured.
  • I recommend to use RAW files to achieve the best results, but the presets work also great with JPG files.
  • Desktop Presets are .xmp files and .lrtemplate file
  • Mobile Presets are .dng files
  • Prices are in EURO



As always... I thank you guys so much for your support and I really appreciate every single one of you.

Lots of Love



The presets are compatible with Lightroom 4-6 such as Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom Mobile. They work with RAW images as well as JPEG's.

(The transfer of the presets to third parties is strictly prohibited and punishable.)


  1. Kevin C.

    Both packs are super great and sometimes its hard to decide which preset i should choose because mostly a lot of them look super great at my pictures.
    When i should describe the difference between the V1 and V2 i would say, that the V1 is more desaturated and will bring more a moody look to your pictures. The V2 has more vibrant colours and some of the presets can bring you yellow/orange lights in the sky, even when there is no golden hour :D. I was really impressed about this, and it looks super realstic when i use them at pictures i took during afternoon for example.
    The Pack is not really cheap, but its worth every penny and i can definitely recommend them to everybody who want edit his/her pictures :-).

    Thanks that you shared your Presets with us, I can see that you put a lot of work in them :-)))

    Cheers Kev

  2. Louis

    Love this presets really much. My photos are 100 times better now and my friends also love them.
    Thanks man

  3. Steve

    I bought several preset packs from different artists, but i have to say, this bundle is the best i ever purchased so far.
    Thanks a lot Giulio that you share your work with us.

  4. Inge

    10/10 Sterne für diese tollen Presets. Ich fotografiere schon etwas länger, aber an der Bildbearbeitung bin ich immer verzweifelt. Meistens waren meine Bilder danach einfach nur übersättigt und schauten unrealistisch aus, sodass es eher Zeitverschwendung als einen Mehrwert für mich darstellte. Bei den Presets wurde an alles gedacht, sodass meine Bilder fast immer nur nach einem Klick in diesem unverwechselbaren Look erstrahlen *.*.

    Ich benutze die Presets in der Lightroom Free Version und für mich reicht dies auch vollkommen aus.
    Somit kann ich für alle Personen eine klare Kaufempfehlung aussprechen auch wenn ihr wie ich keine wirkliche Ahnung von der Bildbearbeitung habt :D.

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